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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

Narendra Modi, for the present, has proved invincible
The achievement of Narendra Modi in electoral politics in India, for the present, is gigantic. He has proved to be the one leader with pan-Indian appeal. His rhetorics have galvanised the people, particularly in the Hindi heartland.

Latest election results in Haryana and Maharashtra prove the point that Modi mark is relevant. Even his detractors
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Tips from Ellen Whitehurst
I thought I might merge two energies into one tip as today embraces both 'World Communion Day' and 'Guardian Angel Day.' This is a good day to thank the guardian angels who have kept light and guard around you while guiding your invisible energies since birth.

This might also be the best day to invoke and then commune with a new one. For this reason I chose an angel that author JoAnn Cornug chronicles in her book 'Original Tribe Handbook of Angels.'

Cornug shares that the Angel Xexor is a wish-granting angel who is forever your ally in whatever your cause. If Xexor is invoked in intentional prayer, then he will bring magic and manifestation to your wish as long as you are certain in your faith and feelings.

Invoke Xexor's intercession today by saying those exact words three times. Then follow that invocation up with Cornug's exact prayer: 'I am a witness to God's miracle every instant of every day.' Only one word can sum up today's tip, and that's Amen!
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