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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

Planet Earth weakening, stashing of wealth does not abate
Planet Earth does not have many centuries more to survive, according to scientists and wise people.

However, many people on Earth are stashing their money and ill-gotten wealth for the benefit of posterity.

Some are influential with the ruling regimes at the States and yet others at the powers-that-be at the Centre.

They may not know now t
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Film field has undesirable practices
Film field has undesirable practices, but how to rid them is a problem.

One actor has been nabbed for alleged nexus with quotation gang. He may be ruing the day when he had made the wrong decision.

Life is not like what is depicted in films.

Then, if the actor is found innocent, no punishment would come to him.

He may be feeling that he alone has been rounded up when many others are roaming free.
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