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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

Create job opportunities by hooks or crooks
India's youth are in a churning process bitten by absence of adequate job opportunities.

Educated youngsters are a disappointed lot as they can't find jobs.
In America, the Gulf countries and almost elsewhere doors are getting closed day by day. Every country is providing for its own citizens.

We must not look askance at the gigantic problem
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Kafka in the newsroom
By K.Balachandran

When ‘The News’ the world over, redefines itself, virtually every minute,
scribes, once high-strung, now like Gregor Samsa, the character of Kafka
finds in astonishment, going through a metamorphosis, least prepared for.

Not at all something desirable, on the contrary quite a baffling change
at a time ‘news’ is being peddled through ‘outlets’ a la grocery, cheap.
Panic spreads in newsrooms, as moolah goes up in smoke, by the minute
and the end game seems nearer, closer than what one thought before.

A scribe in this trade for long, looking at a mirror, one of these days
would find it difficult to recognize, who one sees before the eyes.
It's a transformation so telling, for an almighty journalist, composite once,
then in a quick somersault, IT-created, rechristened ‘media person’,
sort of nebulous, still feeling important,
though now hydra-headed, one leg placed in each boat.

Then disintegrated further, to be seen as ‘content creator’,
a handy man almost, more of a help who stuffs and fills space
with not essentially anything original.
A recycling job, trawling the oceans of internet,
to steal fish from other nets
pulled down from the high pedestal,
at a time when no more secret exists.

Now it is not print anymore, or the messy ‘Fox News’ telly Billingsgate,
where the news is mostly ‘all sound and fury, signifying nothing’.
A witness to this has only regrets, they leave you confused and angry,
online media now is everyone's ‘mai baap’, comforting wife and
mistress, all guilty pleasures.

As the ‘dadaists’ claimed, ‘everything online media spits is news’,
shamelessly the world says yes!
Online news, may hardly pass the DNA test, yet that is what
clothes us, or decides to disrobe at will.
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