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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

Disruptive interventions the fate of the people
Recent times have wrought disruptive interventions on the people in several ways, for they had to queue themselves up before various authorities.

Earlier, for exchanging banned notes, for Aadhaar, PAN card, corrections and what not, they had to sweat it out.

Now they have to produce their ration cards for getting salary and pension.

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Arrogance of media tycoon is past, almighty algorithm rules
By K.Balachandran, Bangalore

Facebook jumps in to news business. Is our game finally up? When Facebook usurps news business, none can survive, even the mightiest sharks will find the ocean shallow. But as it has been pointed out here many times, the quality and journalistic judgement goes down the drain. "The age of unreason" (with apologies to Sartre) will be upon us soon.

Facebook news -- Gorge as much and be spooked

The extended carnival sans day or night, called Facebook
where more and more people imagine their daily Nirvana
of all material pursuits happen, hark! Gets into news business!
Holy mess! We news hounds are going to be history for sure, soon!

So, what awaits us? A 'knowledge society'? Probably, yes
but of course without any good sense as trends point.
If you are one who appreciates finer points of life, pity on you!
You'd know every crap under the sun, all the consumerist hype
'all that you need not know at all but insist you should.

I too am glad I get feeds from every journal worth its salt
on my Facebook timeline, the algorithm fixes it they say
to my horror almost every story seems to feature some lingerie,
and I receive more 'per capita skin', in news than any one ever asked for.

Either the algorithm thinks the baser instincts should be amply fed
or someone deliberately tweaked it to make you look like a fiend.
I can't complain, it sprinkles a bit of art and poetry too, what the heck?
The age of blessed ignoramus has its share of blessings,
the arrogance of media tycoon is past, almighty algorithm rules!
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