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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

Create job opportunities by hooks or crooks
India's youth are in a churning process bitten by absence of adequate job opportunities.

Educated youngsters are a disappointed lot as they can't find jobs.
In America, the Gulf countries and almost elsewhere doors are getting closed day by day. Every country is providing for its own citizens.

We must not look askance at the gigantic problem
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Why a hack should be spared capital punishment
K Balachandran from Bangalore has this take on hacks:

Hacks worth their salt, who are really bold
at their best, holler aloud "The king is naked"
Some of us, agile chameleons change the attire quick
avail the best chance to join the loudest dance party in town
rumba, samba, flamenco or plain Bollywood nonsense.
Not our fault, it's time that brings about the rot,
making a quick buck is all the proprietor cares
no doubt, one witnesses it day and night,
then why not me, when a chance comes?

Rubbing the politicos in the wrong way,deliberately
a few intrepid ones bite the dust, once in a while
uncompromising lot never would be heard again, who cares?
Some get a rub off from the hides of political animals
become mutant ninja marauders of the night, very successful
still faking the knights in shining armor, as do good gangs, NGOs

While the crafts other than journalistic, scribes pick up on the way
allow our folks to spin enough and more yarn colorful
to so fashionably cover the rappelling spots so well,
leaving the glamorous areas wide open for all to view,
which you hilariously mention, with uncommon candor,
are mostly harmless.

Your self-deprecating humor apart,
hacks are uncommonly resourceful, let me point out
than any other professional, raw life being their playground,
there is no wonder in this; lotus of wisdom from the mud of daily grind springs!
They can double as almost anything, academic including!
If life is a story told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing,
which one professional, other than a journalist can tell
a variety of anecdotes, non stop, if not all, mostly factual?

You may write off a scribe's life as largely insignificant
yet the stories he/she has to tell is by far the most
interesting/instructive than anyone else can ever tell.
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