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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

Create job opportunities by hooks or crooks
India's youth are in a churning process bitten by absence of adequate job opportunities.

Educated youngsters are a disappointed lot as they can't find jobs.
In America, the Gulf countries and almost elsewhere doors are getting closed day by day. Every country is providing for its own citizens.

We must not look askance at the gigantic problem
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Experiencing And Maintaining A State Of Contentment
By Gopal Nair

To reach, experience and maintain a state of contentment or fulfillment you have to first realize what true freedom is and then learn how to use it so that it strengthens you and also helps you to achieve the full potential of your individual self.

Freedom is the key to content
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The Psychosomatic Effects (Effects On The Body) Of Fear
By Gopal Nair

The human being is psychosomatic by nature Ė what that means is that our health is deeply influenced by our behavior, thoughts, emotions and social relationships. Therefore, in order to experience good health, we should care for our life style, our mental, sentimental, emotional an
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Harmonizing The Mind And The Intellect
By Gopal Nair

The intellect is the faculty of the soul that judges thought and determines its quality, its ethical purity, its truthfulness, its usefulness, its appropriateness, whether it is necessary, right or wrong. The intellect is backed by the conscience. In fact, the conscience expresses i
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Becoming Aware Of What Is Ego
By Gopal Nair

All of us are familiar, to different extents, with the emotion of ego. All of us donít even define it in the same way. We are also aware to different extents, about the negative repercussions (effects) of the emotion of ego on us and on others. Depending on how aware we are about t
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Overcoming Possessiveness And Complexes In Close Relationships (Part 2)
By Gopal Nair

In our last message, we talked about ailments like possessiveness and complexes existing in our family relationships today. Today we explain how meditation can cure these ailments with much ease. As I practice meditation, which is nothing but a practical exercise of experiencing so
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Bearing Fruit
Read Psalm 1:1-6

We are what [God] has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life.
- Ephesians 2:10 (NRSV)

The trees and bushes in my backyard are a source of pleasure and wonder. In the beauty of their colorful blossoms and the taste
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