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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

Cheque facility won't be withdrawn, says the govt
It is a matter of relief that the Union Government has clarified that cheque facility won't be withdrawn.

There were stray reports that an overenthusiastic government favaouring total digitalisation may go in for banning the cheque books.

It is gratifying to note that the government won't proceed with the reforms this way.
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PM has spoken well about exams and knowledge
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken well about making examinations a festival and approaching them with a smile.

Also studies should focus on acquiring knowledgeThe big thing is about developing a happy mind.

Things would come about like this in course of time if the government initiates s
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Bull fighting still prevails; Can there be a parallel in Jallikkettu?
Jallikkettu, with able man grappling with bulls, is a cultural event in Tamil Nadu.

It seems all leaders support practice of Jallikkettu as enormous people are involved in enjoying the event.

Bull fighting is still prevalent in Spain, Portugal, parts of France and in some Latin American countr
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There is no hurry for the judiciary even if some flap their wings in anxiety
What is the hurry, an embassy official had asked a fresh bridegroom as he had asked for a visa to join his wife abroad?

After a few months he was in fact stamped with a visa and he had joined his wife, to live together. That is an anecdote.
Likewise, courts are not in a hurry to take up the cas
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If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, let's hope
Hope is the scope for mankind during 2017. There can be no limits to entertain hopes.

Let us hope that all would not be lost. Let us hope that mean beings would not have a field day.

Let us hope that there would be more honest people in all walks of life.

In fact, nothing substantial would
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Tamil Nadu politics would take a murky turn, with the demise of Jayalalithaa
As Jayalalithaa had not made it clear as to who would be her successor, no doubt there would be much haggling and hanky panky goings on.

Shashikala and her family members' posture reveals meaningful signs. They mean business to hold on to power.

And it has to be surmised that Jayalalithaa also
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How will people benefit over ruckus in Parliament? Insist on steps
There can be umpteen reasons to put the government on the mat for banning Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

Parliament sessions can be disrupted on this score any number of days.

The crux of the matter is how to make the government act on ameliorative measures to the people.
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