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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

How simplistic is the rhetoric about nuclear war?
It sounds simplistic for the North Korean leadership to assert that a nuclear war may break out any moment.

The words coming out from the N.Korean authorities sound like they are lighting fire crackers.

The US also adds to the fire and fury of words.

The world is for the whole denizens to continue life here on Earth.
No one has the right
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Erosion of values: Artificial Intelligence trying to create robots with values
Reports say Artificial Intelligence team is going to create robotic like entities which would be respecting human values.

They may have lost hope in reviving value system among the human race.

Actually, it is possible for people not to be mean-minded. But they would not listen to the call of c
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It won't be smooth going in Tamil Nadu
The confidence motion exercise in Tamil Nadu has turned violent following the decision of the Speaker to disallow secret voting.

There has been throwing of chairs, mikes and papers and records.

The Speaker was escorted out, the session adjourned till 1 pm.
When it reconvened, it was not smoo
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Democracy is all about numbers, so Palaniswami is the winner
There may be so many flaws in the system, but democracy epitomises the outcome of the game of numbers.

Therefore, now Palaniswami is the Chief Minister in Tamil Nau now.
No one can challenge the majoritarian system, the way in which the number was orchestrated and the like.

Now Panneerselvam
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Clean-up is needed in Tamil Nadu
This cannot go on indefinitely in Tamil Nadu where the situation is in a state of flux.

After the verdict of the Supreme Court involving Sasikala and others comes out, the Governor would have manoeurability as to who should be called first for proving strength in the Assembly.

It appears to be
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PM has spoken well about exams and knowledge
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken well about making examinations a festival and approaching them with a smile.

Also studies should focus on acquiring knowledgeThe big thing is about developing a happy mind.

Things would come about like this in course of time if the government initiates s
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Bull fighting still prevails; Can there be a parallel in Jallikkettu?
Jallikkettu, with able man grappling with bulls, is a cultural event in Tamil Nadu.

It seems all leaders support practice of Jallikkettu as enormous people are involved in enjoying the event.

Bull fighting is still prevalent in Spain, Portugal, parts of France and in some Latin American countr
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