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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

Cheque facility won't be withdrawn, says the govt
It is a matter of relief that the Union Government has clarified that cheque facility won't be withdrawn.

There were stray reports that an overenthusiastic government favaouring total digitalisation may go in for banning the cheque books.

It is gratifying to note that the government won't proceed with the reforms this way.
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Give credit where it is due; Modi is sparkling
Narendra Modi is the cynosure of all eyes of political animals.

No doubt his fetching unimagined level of victory in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand should be admired by democratic forces.

Rivals can work more strongly with the intention of restoring their lost pockets in due course.

At the s
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Give 50 per cent reservation for women in Assemblies, Parliament
Take population figures in States and the country as a whole. Women often outnumber men.

In a majority of instances women are aplenty discharging functions in various capacities.

They are no less than men on any count.

When we are celebrating international women's day, there is a strong cas
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Erosion of values: Artificial Intelligence trying to create robots with values
Reports say Artificial Intelligence team is going to create robotic like entities which would be respecting human values.

They may have lost hope in reviving value system among the human race.

Actually, it is possible for people not to be mean-minded. But they would not listen to the call of c
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It won't be smooth going in Tamil Nadu
The confidence motion exercise in Tamil Nadu has turned violent following the decision of the Speaker to disallow secret voting.

There has been throwing of chairs, mikes and papers and records.

The Speaker was escorted out, the session adjourned till 1 pm.
When it reconvened, it was not smoo
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Democracy is all about numbers, so Palaniswami is the winner
There may be so many flaws in the system, but democracy epitomises the outcome of the game of numbers.

Therefore, now Palaniswami is the Chief Minister in Tamil Nau now.
No one can challenge the majoritarian system, the way in which the number was orchestrated and the like.

Now Panneerselvam
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Clean-up is needed in Tamil Nadu
This cannot go on indefinitely in Tamil Nadu where the situation is in a state of flux.

After the verdict of the Supreme Court involving Sasikala and others comes out, the Governor would have manoeurability as to who should be called first for proving strength in the Assembly.

It appears to be
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