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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

Cheque facility won't be withdrawn, says the govt
It is a matter of relief that the Union Government has clarified that cheque facility won't be withdrawn.

There were stray reports that an overenthusiastic government favaouring total digitalisation may go in for banning the cheque books.

It is gratifying to note that the government won't proceed with the reforms this way.
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Disruptive interventions the fate of the people
Recent times have wrought disruptive interventions on the people in several ways, for they had to queue themselves up before various authorities.

Earlier, for exchanging banned notes, for Aadhaar, PAN card, corrections and what not, they had to sweat it out.

Now they have to produce their rati
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No wonder there is propensity for flow to NDA side
Life is like that, and when it comes to politics it is doubly sure, people would flow to the stronger side.

Now the BJP-led side is the stongest, most powerful and resourceful. It can easily influence many leaders struggling in politics.

There may be a few who switch sides out of fear of raids
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Restore peace in Kerala; BJP, CPM should stop mayhem
There will be no gain ultimately for the mayhem caused by political violence.

In Kerala, the situation has been restive for a few days now.

The clashes occur on account of hostility between the CPM and the BJP.

The two parties should begin discussions and end the mayhem.

Other parties sh
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Planet Earth weakening, stashing of wealth does not abate
Planet Earth does not have many centuries more to survive, according to scientists and wise people.

However, many people on Earth are stashing their money and ill-gotten wealth for the benefit of posterity.

Some are influential with the ruling regimes at the States and yet others at the powers
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Film field has undesirable practices
Film field has undesirable practices, but how to rid them is a problem.

One actor has been nabbed for alleged nexus with quotation gang. He may be ruing the day when he had made the wrong decision.

Life is not like what is depicted in films.

Then, if the actor is found innocent, no punish
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Aadhar-PAN linkage is a nightmare: People should not be harassed like this
No one has any problem with the government taking action against black money hoarders and marauders.

But the process of linking Aadhaar and PAN has put people in nightmares.

First of all putting names in documents have different patterns for different agencies. First name, surname sequence i
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