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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

Black Day and Anti-Corruption Day;What is the advantage for people?
Major currency notes were banned at one go on November 8 last year.

People struggled to wriggle out of the imbroglio, anyway they have managed to survive.

Now this year there is observance of Black Day on that day by the Opposition and Anti-Corruption Day by the BJP.

All of them should explain what good did the act bring on to the people a
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Mid-May promises to be turbulent
Kottayam: Come

September, I love to remember, so goes the refrain. But in the whole country and in Kerala, we

need not wait till September. Things are going to be like a melting pot in Mid-May.


Sabha election results would be known on May 16, when the people elect the government t
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It is not easy to pin down Pinarayi
Kottayam: The CPM says

there is no issue around Lavalin, its state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has nothing to do with any

irregularity, if at all someone should be blamed, it should be former Power Minister Kadavoor

Sivadasan of the Congress.

Congress says, Lavalinís is next only to th
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Corruption quotient is on the rise
Kottayam: Finding ways of

rooting out corruption appears to be the motto on the occasion of the third anniversary of the LDF

Government in Kerala, led by Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan of the Communist Party of India


Corruption in government and non-government places is n
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Church labour union mooted
Kottayam: Kerala could have

another sobriquet, the land of church labour union.

Mind you, the Communists had

experimented with democratic exercise in Kerala and they had won the election.

In fact,

the first Ministry of Kerala after the state came into existence in its present geogr
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Will it boomerang on the party?
Kottayam: Advocate-General

C P Sudhakara Prasad has been in a forgiving mood, it seems.

When the contempt of court

proceedings against Kerala Kaumudi Malayalam newspaper came up before him for advice to the

High Court, he took a grand view of the situation and suggested better ignore
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In the throes of forming an airbus govt
Kottayam: The nation

is in a churning process politically because there are leaders galore who would like to be the

Premier of the largest functional democracy in the world.

Sonia Gandhi has already

removed all doubts in the minds of the people that she would continue to be the Congre
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