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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

Black Day and Anti-Corruption Day;What is the advantage for people?
Major currency notes were banned at one go on November 8 last year.

People struggled to wriggle out of the imbroglio, anyway they have managed to survive.

Now this year there is observance of Black Day on that day by the Opposition and Anti-Corruption Day by the BJP.

All of them should explain what good did the act bring on to the people a
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G20 agrees to huge stimulus package
London: The G20

members on Friday announced that a $5 trillion stimulus package would be delivered by the end

of 2010 to tackle the worst economic recession since 1930.

The G20 members comprise 21

of the world’s wealthiest nations and nine international institutions.

The summit als
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Terror attacks originate in Pakistan: Brown to Manmohan
London: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh on

Wednesday that most of the terrorist attacks in Britain have their origins in Pakistan.


British Premier made the comments at the fag-end of a meeting lasting over an hour at his office

at 10
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Curtains down for 72-year mega serial
Washington: the mega

serial that has been running for the last 72 years is coming to a close. The serial, “Guiding Light”

had earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

CBS Network has been

telecasting the show all these years.It had its beginning as a radio serial. But it
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Terror leaders safe, followers thrown into war
“We will sit in

crevices, corners and caves in high mountains or hide in deep forests or coastal belt in cognito.

You people go and wage a war and get killed”.

This appears to be the message given out

by so-called messiahs like Osama bin Laden, Hamas leaders, LeT, Jaish and other out
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Thoughts for the day: Look before you leap....
By Elsy Mathew (elsymathew23@gmail.com)

The decisions person makes will have far reaching effects in his or her life. Therefore, a decision is something that has to be taken after much thought and deliberation. Once taken, it is very difficult to redo the decision.

Life can be compared to a
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US attends Hiroshima bombing memorial ceremony
TOKYO: The United States on Friday attended for the first time a ceremony commemorating the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, 65 years after the Japanese city's destruction rang in the nuclear age.

The United States' World War II allies Britain and France, both declared nuclear powers, also sent th
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