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Oj Corner
Special column
by OJ George

Conduct an impact analysis
There should be an automatic mechanism to have an impact analysis on various measures taken by the Central and State governments.

How the steps taken by the government have been either beneficial or detrimental to the people, particularly the have-nots, should be assessed.

The impact analysis should convince the governments concerned to take
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No graft in missile deal with Israel: Antony
Thiruvananthapuram: Defence Minister A K Antony has asserted that no corruption was involved

in the arms deal with Israel. He made it clear that if there is any credible piece of evidence to the

contrary, strict action will be taken against the company involved in the deal.


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Take care, terrorism is at the door-step
What can one say about

the threat issued to our Defence Minister A.K.Antony’s son in the St Stephen’s College,


Terrorism has no qualms about doing anything. The terror leaders do not

discriminate between women, children, old people or students.

What did Antony’s son do

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Largest democracy looking for its government
Many of the

countries which got independence from imperialists around the time India got liberated from

British yoke found themselves led by military men or dictators of other interests or totalitarian


Real democracy is absent in Russia, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and what no
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Heady days of newspapers over?
Today I was flabbergasted to

read in Malayala Manorama that its “Sree”, a free booklet given out on Sundays, was extinct on

account of financial crisis.Moreover, the number of pages of the main paper has come down. It

has no display advertisements on page one. Many of the ads inside are
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Tactic everywhere will not work
One can be master only when

there are slaves or followers. One can indulge in tantra or tactics only when there are stupid

people all around. The world has been thriving very well with a few people playing all the tricks on

the masses and reaping benefits. The slaves were there to sweat
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Tricolour on the Moon
India has achieved a fantastic space

odyssey, its Moon Impact Probe, released from Chandrayaan-I satellite has just landed on Moon.

The MIP is painted on all sides with the tricolour Indian flag. India has joined the choicest

club of nations which have their flags on the Moon. Some o
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